2020 Awesome Animals Wall Calendar

2020 Awesome Animals Wall Calendar

2020 Awesome Animals Wall Calendar


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Every month, kids will get up close and personal to adorable baby animals. Each page includes a stunning, full-color image as well as cool details about the featured animal. Children will cherish the poster-quality photos, and they'll soak up the enlightening information without even realizing it. As a bonus, the Awesome Animals Wall Calendar includes lots of stickers for marking special occasions plus two fun and challenging games on the back that test kids' animal IQ. All together, it's the perfect way to teach children the art of organization AND educate them about the world's fascinating wildlife, too!Features:

  • Jumbo, 14" x 11" page size
  • 24 page count
  • 13 color photographs
  • Lots of special-occasion stickers
  • Challenging bonus game
  • U.S. and Canadian holidays