National Geographic Classics Collection: Wildlife 15-DVD Set

National Geographic Classics Collection: Wildlife 15-DVD Set

National Geographic Classics Collection: Wildlife 15-DVD Set



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Explore the National Geographic Classics collection with this 15-disc sampler of programs covering a variety of topics. The collection includes the following titles from the National Geographic Classics series: Oceans, World's Deadliest, Cats and Dogs, Super Predators, and Sharks. See the Title List tab for details about each program.
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  • 15 discs; 1,460 minutes
  • Widescreen
  • © 2006-2012
Title List

National Geographic Classics: Oceans
National Geographic reveals never-before-seen species and behavior of life under the sea. Programs include Shark Island, The Great Whales, Ocean Drifters, Jellyfish Invasion, Jewels of the Caribbean Sea, and Humpbacks: Inside the Pod.
350 minutes. © 2011

National Geographic Classics: World's Deadliest
The world is home to an array of fascinating creatures that evolved to survive harsh environments and brutal competition. From massive great white sharks and majestic lions to deadly cobras and spiders, National Geographic reveals the deadliest creatures on the planet. Programs include Lions, King Croc, King Cobra, Super Bear, Spider Attack, and Ultimate Shark.
280 minutes. © 2011

National Geographic Classics: Cats and Dogs
National Geographic explores the genetic journey of cats and dogs and reveals an intimate look at the amazing relationship that has evolved between people and these animals over hundreds of years. This collection includes Science of Dogs, Science of Cats, Those Wonderful Dogs, The Secret Life of Cats, and Man Created Dog.
305 minutes. © 2011

National Geographic Classics: Super Predators
From majestic but deadly big cats to powerful sharks and stealthy crocs and snakes, National Geographic reveals the secret lives of the world's super predators in this collection of classics. Programs include Ultimate Cat, Super Snake, Ultimate Viper, Ultimate Crocodile, The Whale That Ate Jaws, and Monster Shark.
270 minutes. © 2006-2009

National Geographic Classics: Sharks
The Sharks Collection takes you on a special expedition to study these fish of fearful legend and challenge the myths surrounding them. Meet these living symbols of terror face-to-face and learn the truth about these remarkable creatures.
274 minutes. © 2012