Best of National Geographic Collection Volume Seven 7-DVD Set

Best of National Geographic Collection Volume Seven 7-DVD Set

Best of National Geographic Collection Volume Seven 7-DVD Set


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Experience the best of National Geographic Channel in this varied and far-reaching collection of specials and series, showcasing the remarkable filmmaking, award-winning research, beautiful wildlife, and surprising cultural insights that are the hallmark of National Geographic. This collection includes Secrets of the Titanic - 100 Year Anniversary Collection, Great White Odyssey, Kingdom of the Blue Whale, Doomsday Preppers Season 1, and Inside Hurricane Katrina.See the Title List tab for details about each program.
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  • 7 discs; 13 hours, 30 minutes
  • TV-PG and TV-14
  • © 1986-2012
Title List

Secrets of the Titanic - 100 Year Anniversary Collection
National Geographic remembers the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic with a special collection including the original classic Secrets of the Titanic and the 2011 anniversary special Save the Titanic with Bob Ballard.
97 minutes. © 1986 and 2011

Great White Odyssey
National Geographic takes us on on a deep-sea expedition with world-renowned shark experts Michael Scholl and Ramon Bonfil as they tag a 12-foot great white they call Nicole. Experience her world up close, through her eyes and senses-a world full of wonder, mystery and danger.
50 minutes. © 2009

Kingdom of the Blue Whale
Blue whales are the largest animals to ever live on earth, yet they are difficult to find or track. Even some of the locations where they birth their young are great secrets. Join some of the world's eminent blue whale scientists as they embark on a revolutionary mission to identify and tag California blue whales as they migrate to a spot known as the Costa Rica Dome. This incredible voyage yields unforgettable new footage and insight into these amazing creatures' lives.
90 minutes. © 2009

Doomsday Preppers Season One
Follow a group of people as they obsessively prepare for apocalypseA-each expecting the world to end in a different way, for a different reason, at a different time. From bunkers to fortified off-the-grid homesteads, see how these Doomsday Preppers go to extremes to make sure they are ready for just about anything.
11 episodes; 495 minutes © 2012

Inside Hurricane Katrina
Go beyond the round-the-clock news coverage for a comprehensive look behind the devastation caused by nature's fury and human error. How did this happen? Can it happen again? Why weren't emergency personnel fully ready to respond to a real disaster? Using comprehensive analysis of events, hours of government audio tapes, and personal interviews, National Geographic takes viewers into the eye of Hurricane Katrina to uncover the decisions and circumstances that determined the fate of the Gulf residents.
92 minutes. © 2006