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Satmap GPS and Topo! SD Cards

New! Satmap and National Geographic have teamed up to release select TOPO! maps in an exclusive SD card format for use in the Satmap Active 10 GPS unit. The Active 10 and TOPO! SD cards give you the hardware, software, and route planning tools you need to get out and explore the great outdoors.

Designed with the user in mind, the Active 10 is a rugged GPS with a large color screen that shows your exact position on a real map, in any weather, day or night. TOPO! maps feature five layers of the best data available—from National Geographic Atlas maps to the most detailed USGS topographic maps.

Plug your chosen TOPO! Map SD card into the Active 10 device and you're ready to go. No computer or additional equipment is needed—this stand-alone system is ideal for all levels of outdoor adventurers.