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Mysteries in our National Parks Series
Mysteries in Our National Parks books treat intermediate readers to the heart-pounding adventures of brother-and-sister sleuths, 12-year old Jack and 11-year-old Ashley Landon. Traveling with their mother, Olivia, a wildlife biologist, and their father, Steven, a nature photographer, the kids visit many of the country's magnificent National Parks where they always seem to stumble upon a puzzle that only they can solve.

From confronting environmental challenges like the effect of snowmobiles in Alaska's Denali park and speedboaters injuring manatees in Florida's Everglades, to encountering dangerous wildlife like grizzly bears in Montana's Glacier National Park or wild white mustangs in Utah's Zion, the Landon's adventures will keep kids on the edge of their seats while they learn about our country's natural heritage and the role we all have in understanding and protecting it for the future.