Nearly a million people from 140 countries have participated in National Geographic’s Genographic Project since it began in 2005, learning their deep ancestry and helping to write the human story.

Now there is Geno 2.0 Next Generation, a cutting-edge new kit that examines nearly 300,000 DNA identifiers and reveals even more about your ancestry—including what percent Neanderthal you are—than ever before.

The Kit

Each Geno 2.0 Next Generation kit includes a quick and easy DNA collection kit and return box.

Exploring Your Ancestry

Once results are ready, you will receive a deep ancestry report, regional ancestry breakdown, and have access to videos, illustrations, and other resources to help you put your discoveries in context.

How It Works

After receiving the Geno 2.0 Next Generation kit, you simply give a saliva sample, and send it into the Genographic Project. (The test is anonymous, nonmedical, and nonprofit.) From your sample, scientists isolate your unique DNA and run a comprehensive analysis to identify thousands of genetic markers on your mitochondrial DNA—revealing your direct maternal deep ancestry. (Men also get their direct paternal deep ancestry revealed.) In addition, Geno 2.0 analyzes more than 250,000 other markers to reveal the regional affiliations and Neanderthal composition of your ancestry. (Learn more about the science behind the Genographic Project.)

The Helix DNA Platform

For Geno 2.0 Next Generation, National Geographic has partnered with Helix for DNA sequencing—and the unlocking of a hundred times more data about you and your story than any other ancestry company does. Once your sequence is complete, it will be stored securely, available for you to participate in future Helix partnerships, for as long as you wish.

Getting the Results

Your Geno 2.0 results will show you the ancient migratory paths your ancestors took—how they moved from Africa and across Asia to Europe to arrive to where you are today. You’ll find out what percent British, West African, Native American—even Neanderthal—you are. You’ll learn your unique story.