Earth day has been celebrated every year since 1970. Almost 40 years later, hundreds of thousands of people around the world mark Earth Day by taking social and political action to draw attention to the multitude of ways we can support environmental conservation.

Interested in lending a hand in honor of Earth Day? Check out these great ways to make a difference and commemorate Earth Day.

Skip the long bath and shower

Water covers 70% of our planet yet astonishingly only 3% of the world’s water is freshwater. Almost 1.1 billion people worldwide lack access to clean water which makes it essential to conserve as much water as you can. When it comes down to it, a long bath is really a matter of comfort— not hygienic health. So in honor of earth day, limit your shower time and avoid baths. You may even find yourself feeling and looking healthier. Showering too often can actually wash away essential natural oils that are known to glisten our skin. Even our hair gets an extra natural glow from our internally produced oils.



Gear up, get outside and volunteer!

There’s nothing like connecting with other like-minded individuals to accomplish a common task. It’s a great way to develop new friendships, give back to your community and raise awareness to a greater a cause. There are tons of  ways you can volunteer, so why not cater them to your interests? From volunteering at your local animal shelter to searching local earth day activities like cleaning up your local park or participating in a run for a green charity event. Search online or contact your local government for  volunteer events, festivals, or museum programs the possibilities are truly endless!

Plant a Tree, Spruce up your garden!

Make your world a little greener and a happier place for your backyard visitors. Planting trees, flowers and bushes will not only spruce up your outdoor space, but will also absorb the level of carbon dioxide from the air.  The destruction of rainforests and overall green life is a huge contributing factor to global warming, you can take action by planting in your own backyard.


Attract birds to your backyard with our petite, predator-thwarting feeder. The durable, coated-steel globe let’s birds perch safely inside while making it difficult for other unwanted visitors to get inside.

It’s great to give back to the environment on Earth Day, but it’s even better to keep it going after Earth Day has passed. Extend the celebration by making it a habit to conserve water and start composting your kitchen waste. The earth will thank you for it.

We hope we have inspired all you nature lovers  to take action and celebrate the earth! Show us how you plan to give back and celebrate using #NatGeoEarthDay