Bring Their A+ Game Back to School With National Geographic

It’s that time of year again—time to be curious, be creative, and be confident! Help your student prepare for the new school year with these books to get them into learning mode and ready for adventure.

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Be Curious

Bet You Didn’t Know!

Fascinating facts, silly stats, and little nuggets of knowledge fill Bet You Didn’t Know!, a brand new book to spark curiosity and a love of learning in kids ages 8 to 12. Stop signs used to be black and white? Who knew!

Be Creative

What Would Happen?

Get those young minds whirling with What Would Happen?, a new book that uses science to answer some far-out, hypothetical questions: What would happen if an asteroid hadn’t wiped out the dinosaurs? What would happen if we had wings or ate only ice cream? Find out!

Be Confident

Weird but True Know It All: U.S. Presidents

This new edition to the Weird but True series will give your student the confidence to ace history this year—and impress the whole class with cool facts. Weird but True Know It All: U.S. Presidents spills the beans on 228 years of presidential peculiarities and satisfying secrets (Abe Lincoln was a wrestler?!).

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National Geographic Resources for Parents

And finally, get in the mood with a Back to School photo gallery featuring pictures from the Kids My Shot community. Now, time to sharpen those pencils!