NGStore September 26, 2017

Welcome to Beer Week

Cheers! It’s Beer Week 

“Without question, the greatest invention in the history of mankind is beer. Oh, I grant you that the wheel was also a fine invention, but the wheel does not go nearly as well with pizza.”—Dave Barry

NGStore September 14, 2017

Get NGBee Ready!

It’s Bee Season—Get Study Guides, Swag, and More

Back to school means it’s time to start preparing for the 2018 National Geographic Bee! This annual geography competition for students in grades four through eight first got its start in 1989 in response to concerns about the lack of geographic knowledge among young people in the U.S.

NGStore September 14, 2017

Explore Our National Parks

Time to Fall for National Parks

No matter which part of the U.S. you’re in, fall is a great time to visit our national parks. The weather is cooler, trees are ablaze with color (well, maybe not in Florida …), and crowds are smaller. What could be better? Free admission!

NGStore August 3, 2017

Be Curious! Be Creative! Be Confident!

Bring Their A+ Game Back to School With National Geographic

It’s that time of year again—time to be curious, be creative, and be confident! Help your student prepare for the new school year with these books to get them into learning mode and ready for adventure.

NGStore July 12, 2017

Sharks of the Summer

Watch Out! SharkFest Is Coming

Are you ready? Summer is heating up with SharkFest, a week of toothy, stealthy premieres beginning at 8 p.m. ET on Sunday, July 23, on Nat Geo WILD. The shows include Shark Vs. Predator, World’s Deadliest Sharks, Shark Alley, and more.

Need even more? We’ve got you covered with these items from our Shark Collection. Dive in!

NGStore July 11, 2017

2017 Summer Eclipse

Are You Ready for the Great American Eclipse?

This August 21, the U.S. will experience a remarkable astronomical phenomenon for the first time since 1918: a total solar eclipse. Dubbed the Great American Eclipse, it will travel coast to coast across the contiguous U.S. in less than two hours, allowing millions to see the moment when the moon completely obscures the sun. And for those not in the total eclipse path (from Oregon to South Carolina), a partial solar eclipse will be visible.

NGStore June 19, 2017

The Story of God with Morgan Freeman

Story of God: A New Season of Inspiration

Today, for better or worse, the power of religion touches all of our lives, no matter what our faith. This is Morgan Freeman’s journey to discover how our beliefs connect us all. This is the quest of our generation. This is the Story of God.

NGStore June 14, 2017

5 Places Every Book Lover Should Visit

Shannon McKenna Schmidt knows books and she knows travel. She’s combined the two in Novel Destinations (co-authored with Joni Rendon and available now in a new, fully updated second edition), a travel guide featuring more than 500 swoon-worthy literary destinations around the world. (The Denver Post called it a “dream come true for reading enthusiasts who also travel.”)

We asked Schmidt to give us her top five can’t-miss spots for book-loving travelers. Get ready to book your next trip!