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Books:Animals and Nature:Nature Field Guides:National Geographic Extreme Weather Survival Guide
National Geographic Extreme Weather Survival Guide

National Geographic Extreme Weather Survival Guide


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Hurricanes, floods, wildfires, tornadoes—weather is becoming extreme, and this book tells you how to plan ahead and prepare, respond to emergencies, and survive the worst-case scenarios. From the risks of building on changing coastlines to the safety kit you should have packed up at home, from the telltale signs of a hurricane on the horizon to how to power up when the grid goes down—this will be the one book to carry with you through all kinds of bad weather. Divided into four sections (Hot, Cold, Wet, Dry) each chapter includes a level-headed discussion of current weather extremes; facts and details on conditions; theories for why these changes are occurring; dos and don'ts for inside and outside; and gives at-a-glance guidance for how to prepare for, survive, and recover from every extreme. Sidebar features include gears and gadgets, protecting your pet, and firsthand accounts from survivors and the experts who help them. Spectacular photographs of wicked weather plus useful checklists and how-to illustrations make page after page both useful and entertaining, even when you're contemplating the unthinkable.

  • Softcover
  • 384 pages; 360 color photographs
  • 5" x 8"
  • © 2014

Thomas M. Kostigen, author, journalist, environmentalist, is the co-author of The New York Times bestselling title, The Green Book: The Everyday Guide to Saving the Planet One Simple Step at a Time, as well as five other books, including You Are Here, The Green Blue Book, and What Money Means. He often appears on television and radio and has interesting ideas for media coverage of climate change and weather extremes around the world.