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Home & Garden:Bedding:Vintage Kantha Quilt with Orange & Red Shams

Vintage Kantha Quilt with Orange & Red Shams


Price: $325.00

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This one-of-a-kind bedding is a gorgeous way to introduce color, texture, and a handcrafted spirit to your home décor. Women in rural Bengal, India, create each piece by hand, using threads and fabric from old saris. The patches are joined together using a rustic running stitch called kantha, and the result is truly unique. Handcrafted from colorful and comfortable vintage materials, the result is an exceptionally inviting bedding set like no other.

Includes one quilt with two coordinating shams. The bedding pictured is the exact set you will receive.

Handcrafted in Bengal, India. 100% cotton with poly batting. Due to the vintage, handmade nature of the materials, exact sizes vary slightly, but each quilt is approximately 97" x 88" and made to fit a queen bed. Set of two shams: approximately 28" x 22".

Because these pieces are made from vintage fabrics that have themselves been laundered many times, we recommend hand-washing to ensure that they last for many more years.

Creative reuse. Upcycling. In cultures and eras with less access to consumer goods than many countries enjoy in the 21st century, these buzzwords have been a way of life for generations. When women in rural Bengal find it’s time to replace a sari or dhoti that has become worn or whose pattern has gone out of style, they don’t pack it off to a charity shop like Western consumers often do. Using threads teased out from the borders of long saris, they stitch the fabric together in layers to create things like blankets, floor mats, and swaddling cloths.

Unlike other crafts that developed under royal patronage, kantha quilting was always spontaneous, even whimsical—created for one’s own family. A colorful piece of kantha quilting not only represents its maker’s resourcefulness but it also embodies the rhythms of her life. Each swatch of fabric has seen laughter and squabbles, extraordinary festivals and everyday housework. Since the 1970s, quilted kantha fabrics have been used for more and more types of items, not just for one’s own family but also for people around the world who appreciate the power of handcrafted items laden with history.