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Travel:Travel Accessories:Swiss Army Flashlight and Multitool Set

Swiss Army Flashlight and Multitool Set


Price: $40.00

Item# :2000019

Qty: This item is out of stock

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A classic pair of travel essentials no matter where the road takes you. Made of lightweight aircraft aluminum, the sturdy, shockproof, and water-resistant flashlight has an ultrabright LED that is ten times more efficient than regular bulbs. This means longer battery life, so no need to pack backups. The beam has a range of 125 feet, and the light can be seen from over a mile and a half away. The compact multitool features a small and large blade, Phillips and flat-head screwdrivers, can and bottle openers, wire stripper, reamer with sewing eye, toothpick, and tweezers.

Flashlight: two AAA batteries, included. 4 3/4"L.
Multitool: 3 5/8"L.