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Travel:Travel Accessories:Scottish Staghorn Walking Stick

Scottish Staghorn Walking Stick

$98.00 Sale Price:   $49.99

Price: $98.00 Sale Price:   $49.99

Item# :2001303

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Each year at the end of winter, Scottish red deer stags shed their impressive antlers to begin growing them anew in the spring. Highlanders traditionally collected them to use as handles for knives and walking sticks. A polished piece of red deer antler, collected in the Scottish Highlands, forms the handle of our walking stick. The shaft is made of chestnut, with a walnut cap. Red deer are indigenous in Scotland, with depictions found as far back as sixth-century stone carvings by the medieval Picts.

NGS Exclusive

Handcrafted in Scotland. 3/4" diameter x 37"L.