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Travel:Travel Accessories:Frequent Flyer Pack-It System
Frequent Flyer Pack-It System

Frequent Flyer Pack-It System

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The three-piece Pack-It system—incuding the Pack-It Folder, Cube, and Sac—helps you become an expert packer, saving space in your luggage and saving time that you can spend exploring instead. The Pack-It Folder holds 8-12 items, including shirts, pants, jackets, and even bulkier garments such as sweaters, and helps pack more clothes in less space while minimizing wrinkles. There are at least 101 uses for the handy Pack-It Cube: Use it to pack T-shirts and socks for easy access upon arrival, for quick unpacking during security checks, or to create a fun, kid-friendly game cube for long plane or car trips. And the Pack-It Sac is especially great for small liquid containers because of the spill-resistant mesh material.

  • Pack-It Folder: 18" x 12"; 1 lb.
  • Pack-It Cube: 14" x 10" x 3"; 4 oz.
  • Pack-It Sac: 10" x 8"