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Travel:Travel Accessories:Foldable Multiport Solar Charger

Foldable Multiport Solar Charger


Price: $129.95

Item# :1073090

Qty: This item is out of stock

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Keep your cell phone running, your GPS tracking, and your digital camera ready to go by recharging them through this foldable solar panel. Plug your device directly into the USB port or 6-volt/12-volt outlet, or use the included AA/AAA battery-charging unit and keep nearly any device at full power. Fully charge a phone, GPS unit, or digital camera in 2–4 hours. The sunnier the day, the faster the charge; or link more than one unit using the included 20" cord to increase charging power. The heavy-duty case lets you toss the unit in your luggage without damaging it.

  • 9 1/4"W x 6"L x 1 1/2"H