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Travel:Translators and Language Software

Translators and Language Software

Make it easy to navigate foreign countries and languages with digital translators from the National Geographic Store. Our translators generally offer between six and 20 languages, including most major Western European languages like German, French, Italian and Spanish, and frequently also Asian and Eastern European languages. Communicate on your travels and enhance your travel experiences with a handheld talking language translator or a electronic pocket translator that will fit into any travel bag. Celebrate unexpected conversations and exciting encounters with translators from the National Geographic Store, which make it easier to connect in any corner of the world. Remember: All of your purchases at the National Geographic Store help support our mission of research, education, conservation and exploration. Our products reflect that mission—from translators, maps, atlases, National Geographic Channel DVDs, and learning materials for kids, to cameras, travel accessories, GPS software, and gadgets that will get you out exploring. Find out more about our programs on NationalGeographic.com.