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Kids:Toys and Games:All Toys:Science Experiments on the Go Kit

Science Experiments on the Go Kit


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Don’t let vacation and road trips keep you away from the fun of science experiments. This travel-friendly kit lets you take your curiosity on the road. These bite-sized projects can be done in planes, trains, and automobiles. Assemble a simple pair of binoculars and learn how they work. Set up a mini cable car to run between car windows or airplane tray tables. Explore rotational speed with a spinning disk experiment. Measure weights on a balance scale you build yourself. Calculate how fast you’re traveling and learn to determine distance on a map. Learn fun facts about migrating animals and how fast Earth is moving through space. Experiment with a mini boomerang. Observe optical illusions with a spinning top. Make a "lenticular" postcard that looks different depending on the viewing angle.

For ages 8 and up. Full-color, 10-page experiment manual. 8 experiments.