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Books:Kids Books:Animals and Nature:Sea Monsters: Official Children's Companion Book

Sea Monsters: Official Children's Companion Book

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Relive the wonder of Sea Monsters, National Geographic's 3-D large format film, and learn more about these extraordinary prehistoric creatures of the deep. Sea Monsters leads kids into the Late Cretaceous period, some 80 million years ago.

Stunning images of giant sharks, enormous squids, massive marine reptiles, and flying creatures soaring overhead will thrill young imaginations. Follow the story of marine reptiles called Dolichorhynchops—"Dollies" for short—as they brave the dangers of the prehistoric seas. Cool digitally generated images of creatures like Tylosaurus, a whale-sized predator, and the long-necked Styxosaurus engage young readers, whether they've seen the amazing movie or not.

  • Ages 8 to 12
  • Softcover
  • 32 pages
  • 11 3/4 x 9
  • © 2007