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Sale Products:Rhodochrosite Necklace

Rhodochrosite Necklace

$135.00 Sale Price:   $99.95

Price: $135.00 Sale Price:   $99.95


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During the reign of the Inca emperor Viracocha (named after the god who created civilization and fathered the goddesses Pachamama and Mama Quilla), workers mined the beautiful red stone known as rhodocrosite. In 1938, excavations revealed one of these ancient Inca mines next to an Inca tomb full of funerary jewelry, which led to the stone being rechristened as Inca Rose. Descendents of the Inca believe that the gemstone represents the blood of their ancient rulers. Mystics say rhodochrosite arouses passion, courage, and fortitude, and encourages spontaneous expression of feelings.

Peruvian artisans hand set each stone in sterling silver and polish it to gleaming smoothness. The natural colors and patterning will vary in each unique stone.

Necklace is approximately 16 1/2"L and pendant is approximately 1"W.