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Photography:Signed Prints:Snowy Owl Signed Print

Snowy Owl Signed Print


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Discover the steely eyes of the snowy owl, captured on film by international award-winning wildlife photographer Jim Brandenburg. This snowy owl will watch over your home from its perch, hanging on your wall.

Each 18'' x 12'' ready to frame print is printed, inspected and hand-signed by Jim.

While still a student in his native Minnesota, Jim Brandenburg began his prodigious career as a natural history photographer. In 1978, Brandenburg began his long association with the National Geographic Society and has been published in our magazines numerous times including the 1997 feature ''North Woods Journal'' in which he shot one image a day for 90 days. This feature was, according to Editor William Allen, ''the most photographs the magazine has ever published in one feature in its entire history and by the way, using the least amount of film.''

In addition to his many other international awards, Brandenburg received the World Achievement Award from the United Nations Environmental Programme in Stockholm, Sweden. The award, presented by King Gustaf was in recognition of his ''using nature photography to raise public awareness for the environment.''