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Photography Field Guide: Travel


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Practically everyone becomes an amateur photographer when they travel—photographs are a way to capture the experience. However, many people are disappointed when they develop their photos. Somehow the pictures never quite capture the grandeur of the experience. This book helps transform those photos from weak reflections into vibrant expressions.

National Geographic photographers always convey a sense of place with their images—this is the most difficult and most rewarding aspect of creating extraordinary travel photography. After outlining a basic photography kit, author Robert Caputo addresses specialized needs depending on the travel location. Smart, practical advice includes how to protect your equipment while traveling in bad weather, how to shield your film from powerful airport x-ray machines, and which subjects make the best photographs.

Drawing from extensive experience from years of circumnavigating the globe, Caputo and other National Geographic photographers pass along valuable tips to turn the most hopeless shutterbug into a picture-taking pro.

  • 160 pages; 114 photographs
  • 5 1/4" x 8 7/16"
  • Softcover
  • © 2005

Robert Caputo, a master photographer, cameraman, and writer, has contributed photographs to National Geographic and other leading magazines for more than thirty years. He has written photographic books for children and adults, including the single-volume National Geographic Field Guide to Photography and the landscape book in our original photography field guide series.

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