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Photography:Photography Guides:Photography Field Guide: Black & White

Photography Field Guide: Black & White


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A compelling case for capturing the essence of people and landscapes through black-and-white photography, this field guide shares secrets from the pros. The ability of the black-and-white photograph to strip away the unnecessary and concentrate a message through form, shadow, and light provides its intrinsic strength. Because of its power to communicate, it is often chosen in the art, documentary, and commercial worlds.

With 120 photographs illustrating the techniques used, this guidebook is as much about how to visualize a story in black and white as it is about the technical aspects of photography. With the popularity of digital cameras, veteran National Geographic photographer, photo editor, and filmmaker Richard Olsenius dedicates much time discussing the benefits of using digital technology for black-and-white photography, but he also discusses more traditional cameras and their uses. In addition to advice from Olsenius, this field guide includes the work of four other noteworthy photographers—Father Don Doll, Brian Peterson, Marion E. Warren, and Nick Kelsh—all covering a realm of different subject matter from Native Americans to commercial photography.

  • 160 pages; 110 photographs
  • 5 1/4" x 8 1/2"
  • Softcover
  • © 2005

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