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DVDs:Science and Space:Engineering and Technology:Rocket City Rednecks DVD-R


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Rocket City Rednecks DVD-R

$29.95 Sale Price:   $9.99

Price: $29.95 Sale Price:   $9.99

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Meet the self-proclaimed Rocket City Rednecks. They’re five "backwoods" guys from the rocket city, Huntsville, Ala., home to NASA's Marshall Flight Center and the birthplace of the U.S. space program. Sure, they love to shoot stuff and drink beer, and one of ‘em lives in a trailer, but with a family tree full of NASA rocket scientists (not to mention their own PhDs and advanced degrees), they aim a little higher—like using homemade moonshine to fuel a rocket!

Combining a little hill-billy ingenuity with advanced engineering and physics to tackle real-world scenarios, this tight-knit group brings their own unique style of southern charm to science and technology.

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  • 2 discs; 20 episodes, 440 minutes
  • Widescreen
  • © 2011

  • Bomb-Proof My Pick-Up
  • Moonshine Rocket Fuel
  • Junkyard Iron Man
  • 20,000 Kegs Under the Sea
  • Hillbilly Armageddon
  • Rednecks on the Red Planet
  • Close Encounters of the Redneck Kind
  • Backwoods Spy Satellite
  • Power My Party Boat
  • Rocket-Powered Bass Boat
  • Hillbilly Moon Buggy
  • Double Barrelled Rocket
  • Tornado Proof My Outhouse
  • Hillbilly Fireworks
  • Trailer Power
  • Radar Proof Pickup
  • Slingshot Into Orbit
  • Hillbilly Hovercraft
  • The War Wagon
  • Talledega Tailgate

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