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Member Products:Small Shona Crane Sculpture
Small Shona Crane Sculpture

Small Shona Crane Sculpture

Buy the Large and Small Shona Crane Sculptures Set for $139.00

Price: $75.00

Item# :2001295

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The Shona are a diverse people who live in parts of Zimbabwe, Botswana, and Mozambique. Known for their stone carving, many Shona artisans quarry their own rapoko soapstone, which they chisel and polish with hand tools. This graceful pair represent the endangered wattled crane, a symbol of longevity whose habitat in Zimbabwe and throughout Africa is dwindling. Please accept variations in coloring and carving as each is handmade and unique.

Please see alternate product images for examples.

Approximately 4"W x 9"H x 3"D. 3 3/10 lbs.

Supporting traditional Zimbabwean art forms, like Shona stone carving, helps bring critical income to communities throughout this southern African nation. Once the prosperous "breadbasket of southern Africa," recent government actions have destroyed the agricultural industry that was the backbone of Zimbabwe's economy. The country currently has the highest inflation rate in the world, as well as the fastest shrinking economy, and unemployment is at 80%. Encouraging an international market for art and crafts exports enables those affected by the agricultural economy's collapse to support their families through the work of their own hands.