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Member Products:Jewelry:Pomeranian Amber Earrings
Pomeranian Amber Earrings

Pomeranian Amber Earrings

Buy the Pomeranian Amber Necklace and Earrings Set for $195.00
$95.00 Sale Price:   $59.99

Price: $95.00 Sale Price:   $59.99

Item# :2001299

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Along the coastline of the Baltic Sea, winter storms cast up pieces of amber from the seabed. Locals gather it from the shore like seashells, and since this natural gem floats in saltwater, it can be scooped from the water’s surface with a net. These simple accents showcase amber’s translucence and toffee hue, framed in oxidized sterling silver.

Made in Gdynia, Poland. 1 1/8"L.

Mined in Sicily, Burma, Romania, Poland, and Mexico, amber is actually the fossilized resin of ancient trees, and is among the oldest stones used for human adornment. It has been called the gold of the sea because the most extensive deposits are found along Baltic shores. The Greeks, to whom amber represented the tears Apollo shed as he was banished from Olympus, called amber "electron" because of its tendency to attract lightweight objects when rubbed.