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Member Products:Jewelry:Gold-plated Claddagh Necklace

Gold-plated Claddagh Necklace

Buy the Gold-plated Claddagh Necklace and Earrings Set for $139.00

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The Irish claddagh is a symbol that dates back 500 years to County Galway. The pair of clasped hands holding a crowned heart stands for love, friendship, and loyalty. Designers at a family-owned studio in the heart of Dublin transform the motif into a circle, with a pale green crystal as the heart, evocative of the legendary Emerald Isle. 14k gold-plated sterling silver with white crystal accents.

  • Handcrafted in Ireland.
  • 18k gold-plate chain. 18"L; Pendant: approximately 3/4"W, 1"L.

One of the most popular symbols of Ireland and Irish culture is the claddagh, two hands clasping a crowned heart. The motif is often found on wedding rings and symbolizes love, friendship, and loyalty. Legends about the claddagh’s origins abound, from its being given by an eagle to a charitable 16th century lady in Galway to its being designed by 17th-century Galway native Richard Joyce while he was enslaved by a goldsmith in Algiers. When he was finally freed and able to return home, he gave the ring to his fiancée who had awaited his return.