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Member Products:Jewelry:Ancient Roman Glass Medallion Bracelet

Ancient Roman Glass Medallion Bracelet

$495.00 Sale Price:   $199.99

Price: $495.00 Sale Price:   $199.99

Item# :2000938

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During the Roman Empire, as now, people used glass vessels in all shapes and sizes to store wine, medicine, perfumes, and food. The aqua-hued medallions in our elegant bracelet and earrings are fragments recovered from this ancient glass. Excavated in Israel and sourced from a reputable antiques dealer authorized by the Israeli government, the pieces of glass are cut and polished, but still retain the texture of constant use. Each piece is set in a gold-plated sterling silver bezel.

Handcrafted in Israel. Gold-plated sterling silver with Roman glass. 7 3/4"L x 3/4"W; toggle clasp.