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Member Products:Jewelry:Celtic Aria Garnet Necklace

Celtic Aria Garnet Necklace


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The studio that handcrafts this Celtic-inspired jewelry is committed to environmentally and ethically responsible practices both in the creation of their designs and the day-to-day work of running a design studio. Mining gold, silver, and gemstones can be extremely damaging to the earth, and is often associated with exploitative labor practices. By using 100% recycled metals in their designs, they can honor the age-old appreciation for these precious materials while seriously reducing their impact on the earth.

These pieces represent one of the best known Celtic motifs, the trinity. In Celtic lore it represents the three stages of a woman's life, mother, maiden, and wise old woman. Part of many cultures and mythologies, including the Christian trinity, it is a universal symbol whether representing the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, or broader concepts of past, present, and future. Handcrafted by jewelers in Bali using 100% recycled 18-k gold-plated sterling silver along with natural pyramid-faceted garnet.

The 18" snake chain is made in Italy. Pendant: 1/4"W x 3/4"L x 1/8"D.

The trinity knot is an archetypal design that, for many people, helps them connect to their tribal roots—be that an Irish or Scottish family background, spiritual beliefs both Christian and pagan, or simply a desire to connect with the world on an instinctual level.

This piece is created starting with the lost-wax casting technique. The design is carved by hand into a block of wax, around which a mold is formed. When the mold is fired, the wax melts away, leaving only the material for future casting in sterling silver. Next the bezel is cut and a pyramid-faceted gemstone is set, point side up. Last, the sterling silver is plated with 18k gold, giving a two-tone effect.