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Member Products:Blue Paisley Batik Bangle

Blue Paisley Batik Bangle

Buy Set of Any Two Indonesian Batik Bangles for $39.00
$22.00 Sale Price:   $9.99

Price: $22.00 Sale Price:   $9.99


Qty: Available, ready to ship.

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The history of batik fabric dyeing goes back more than 1,500 years on the islands of Indonesia. Designs are painted on fabric using wax, and when the fabric is dyed, the wax-coated areas are left untouched. Here, blue-hued batik fabric is encased in resin for a bold pairing of bracelets. Handcrafted in Indonesia. Choose the Blue Wave Batik Bangle (left, lying flat) or the Blue Paisley Batik Bangle (right, at an angle).

Handcrafted in Indonesia. 1 3/8"W x 2 3/4" diameter.