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1946 Bible Lands, and the Cradle of Western Civilization Map, Framed

1946 Bible Lands, and the Cradle of Western Civilization Map, Framed

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A must-have for Bible scholars, this informative map holds an abundance of details about the history of Turkey, Cyprus, Syria, Iraq, Transjordan, Palestine, Lebanon, Kuwait, western Iran, and northeastern Egypt. Appearing in National Geographic in December 1946, this work captures both the cradle of western civilization in Biblical times and the Holy Land of the late 1940s. Historical insets show the traditional route of the Exodus, St. Paul's travels, and the Crusades; capitals, cities, towns, principal archaeological sites, ruins, and battle sites; roads, principal railways, and canals; natural features; oil fields, pipelines, pumping stations, and refineries.

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  • 26" x 32"
  • © 2011

National Geographic is a renowned authority in cartography. For over 120 years the Society's maps have helped spread geographic knowledge around the globe. A vast database allows National Geographic to combine the latest data gained by space-age technology with innovative digital mapping techniques to create state-of-the-art political, physical, and thematic maps. The Society's meticulous research and attention to detail have established a standard of achievement that is unparalleled.

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