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Kids:Toys and Games:All Toys:Woodcut Birds of Paradise Puzzle

Woodcut Birds of Paradise Puzzle

$75.00 Sale Price:   $44.99

Price: $75.00 Sale Price:   $44.99

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Known for their vivid plumes and strange courtship rituals, birds-of-paradise are among the world's rarest and most fascinating. There are only 39 known species of birds of paradise, which are found only in New Guinea and parts of Australia. These remarkable birds are just one of the species captured here in a Victorian-style illustration that we've turned into a vintage-style wooden puzzle. Each of the 250 pieces is a different shape, and there are many bird-shaped "whimsy" pieces found throughout.

Hand-cut wooden puzzles were hugely popular in the 1900s and again during the Great Depression, and these heirlooms now sell for thousands of dollars. The British Wentworth Wooden Jigsaw Company brings some of the art and craft back to puzzle-making by laser-cutting intricate pieces into Finnish birch plywood.

The interactive exhibition "Birds of Paradise: Amazing Avian Evolution" is at the National Geographic Museum from November 1, 2012, through May 28, 2013, and includes amazing footage and photography of these bizarre birds.

Made in Great Britain. For ages 10 and up. 14 1/8"H x 9 7/8"W. 250 pieces.