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Spectacular Science Kit

$89.95 Sale Price:   $59.99

Price: $89.95 Sale Price:   $59.99

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Crush a soda can using only water and heat. Make a fire-resistant balloon. Grow mystical black snakes from a pile of powder. It’s better than magic—it’s a science show. These awesome chemistry demonstrations will amaze your friends and family. Rehearse and perform 25 different science shows that will entertain your friends and family, and teach them some chemistry in the process. The experiments have been chosen for maximum “wow!” and there’s even a script to follow if you’d like.

We give you the lab equipment, materials, chemicals, and know-how to put on your own science show. The 64-page “comic book” manual guides you through your rehearsals, giving you tips on how to conduct each experiment and truly understand what’s happening, and even gives you stage directions so you can perform it for an audience flawlessly. Cue cards help you remember your lines and make sure you don’t miss a beat.

The experiments are divided into four shows and a set of encore experiments:

Elemental show: Crush a soda can with water and heat, move particles with your magic wand, produce a fabric that doesn't burn, make dazzling colored flames with chemicals, and craft a blazing witch's breath.

Water show: Defy gravity with water, make water vanish into thin air, bend a spoon and a stream of water, repel water with your fingertips, and make a fire-resistant balloon.

Carbon dioxide show: Make a self-inflating balloon and a self-destructing bottle, and command soap bubbles to rest on an invisible pond.

Candle show: light a candle with water, light a candle remotely, and magically extinguish candles in four ways.

Encores: Watch mystical glowing black snakes grow from a pile of powder, turn red "fruit punch" into purple "grape juice," make sparkling fireworks from an orange, and turn "milk" into a solid and back into a liquid again.

For ages 12 and up. Full-color, 64-page experiment manual. 25 experiments.