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Kids:Toys and Games:All Toys:National Geographic Elements of Science - Updated Edition

National Geographic Elements of Science - Updated Edition


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Hands-on experiments introduce the most important phenomena in biology, chemistry, and physics in this fun kit. National Geographic's broad yet elaborate introduction to the physical and natural sciences covers the full spectrum of science and shows first-hand how these three core disciplines overlap to help us understand the world around us. Full color, 112-page guide is organized into the following 15 chapters:

  • Water: adhesion, cohesion, buoyancy, density, states of water, and surface tension
  • Air: Bernoulli’s Principle, gases, pressure, wind, and molecular theory
  • Heat: temperature, condensation, evaporation, and heat energy
  • Sound: music, sound waves, tone, and vibration
  • Forces: centrifugal force, energy, weight, gravity, inertia, pendulums, and rockets
  • Magnetism: magnetic fields, compasses, magnetic poles, and radiation
  • Electricity: electric motors, light bulbs, simple circuits, and static electricity
  • Electromagnetism: electromagnets, the EM spectrum, waves, and current indicators
  • Light: camera obscura, light and shadow, and light intensity
  • Optics: microscopes, telescopes, lenses, prisms, reflection, refraction, and optical illusions
  • Plants and Animals: seeds, microscopic organisms, plant cycles, plants and light
  • Colors: color theory, printing, spectrum
  • The Human Body: brain, eyes, circulatory system, ears
  • Chemistry: acids, bases, chromatography, filtration, reactions, chemistry tricks, safety
  • Earth and Sun: globes, day and night, seasons, rotation, sundials, time zones

WARNING!—This set contains parts and chemicals that may be harmful if misused. Read cautions in the manual and on individual containers carefully. Not to be used by children except under adult supervision.


  • printed die-cut cards
  • cardboard spiral
  • printed sticker sheet
  • black paper
  • tracing paper
  • colored paper
  • red transparent gel
  • green transparent gel
  • blue transparent gel
  • yellow transparent gel
  • stand
  • eye goggles
  • citric acid powder, 10 g
  • iron powder, 13 g
  • sodium bicarbonate, 27 g
  • sodium carbonate, 12 g
  • phenolphthalein solution, 10 mL (1% phenolphthalein in ethanol)
  • color tablets (5)
  • safety cap bottle opener
  • double measuring spoon
  • pipette
  • large measuring beaker
  • small measuring beaker
  • plastic hose
  • funnels
  • skewers
  • straws (red and white)
  • straws (transparent)
  • rubber bands
  • plastic tube
  • 5 balloons
  • paper clips
  • metal cap
  • needle
  • polystyrene ball
  • plastic plate
  • mirror foil without hole
  • mirror foil with hole
  • polystyrene disk
  • sandpaper
  • bulb socket
  • light bulb
  • insulated copper wire
  • coil of copper wire
  • bar magnet
  • ring magnet
  • iron rod
  • compass
  • magnifying glass jar
  • lens, large (violet)
  • lens, small (cyan)
  • eyepiece
  • eyepiece adapter cap
  • scope housing (dark blue)