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Mandala Drawing Machine

Mandala Drawing Machine


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The mandala is a holy symbol for Buddhists and Hindus. In both traditions, the radial mandala form represents the entirety of the universe, and the making of mandalas is believed to prepare the mind for meditative focus. The Mandala Drawing Machine allows kids to practice this ancient art with some very helpful modern tools. With five different stencils to choose from, children insert their paper and let the machine guide them through the process of designing expert mandalas.

By using the pre-inked stamp and butterfly punch tool, they can customize and decorate their mandalas however they wish. The mandala machine encourages STEM learning principles and helps more logical-minded kids build confidence in their creativity by giving them a clear starting point and emphasizing the role that step-by-step planning can play in art-making. The kit comes with paper and pens, and the whole thing packs neatly into a portable case that travels with you, so little artists can make beautiful mandalas at home or wherever their journey takes them.

Made in the Czech Republic. Ages 6 and up. 4 AA batteries, not included.

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