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Luminescent LED Matrix

Luminescent LED Matrix


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Just over a century after the famous “War of Currents” between inventors Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla, incandescent lights are virtually obsolete,” wrote Drew Hendricks on National Geographic’s NewsWatch blog in November 2012. They’re slowly being phased out, and what’s taking their place are LEDs—light emitting diodes that can use a tenth of the energy of incandescents. But LEDs aren’t only an energy-saving green alternative to incandescent and fluorescent lights. They can also evoke futuristic, gadgety fun.

This simple array becomes a hypnotic, stress-relieving light show courtesy of 64 RGB LEDs that can each display more than 4,000 colors. Turn it on and run through more than 50 visualizations as the lights change colors and turn on and off to create a sense of motion, symmetry, and animation. There are more than ten transition effects as the visualizations move from one to the next. It runs for more than 30 minutes before repeating any patterns, and the full cycle of randomized color, speed, and transition effects all but guarantee you'll never see the same combinations in the same order twice. Think of it as a soothing desktop lava lamp for a tech-savvy generation.

5" square x 7 1/4"H. A/C adapter, included.