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Books:Kids Books:Animals and Nature:Spiders and Their Webs

Spiders and Their Webs

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Spider webs that mimics flowers? A spider that lassos its prey? A web large enough to cover a garbage truck? These are just a few of the incredible ''did you knows'' kids will discover in this irresistible book about the fascinating and diverse ways spiders use their webs to trap prey. The easy-to-read narrative, eye-catching photographs, and clever illustrations provide a close-up look at some familiar species we might find in our own houses as well as more exotic ones that live in tropical rain forests or make their homes underwater.

  • Ages 6 to 9
  • 32 pages; 10 color illustrations
  • 9 1/8'' x 10 7/8''
  • Hardcover
  • © 2004

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