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Jewelry:Earrings:Gates of Charleston Pearl Earrings
Gates of Charleston Pearl Earrings

Gates of Charleston Pearl Earrings


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Charleston, South Carolina, is a veritable outdoor ironwork museum, with its pedestrian-friendly streets and a tradition of cast-iron and wrought-iron gates, fences, and balconies that date back to the early 18th century. British styles were the earliest to take hold in the city, but a local style soon evolved and gained national attention, with elements that were influenced by German ironworkers and the neoclassical design that was popular in architecture of the 19th century.

These sterling silver earrings—each punctuated by a tiny freshwater pearl—reproduce the circa-1814 double gate railing of Charleston’s First Scots Presbyterian Church. The congregation was established in 1731 by twelve Scottish families when they broke away from the local Independent Meeting House in order to worship according to the Church of Scotland.

Handcrafted in Charleston, South Carolina. Sterling silver. 1 3/8"L x 3/8"W.