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Jewelry:Bracelets:Stackable Indian Bangle Bracelets- Set of 5
Stackable Indian Bangle Bracelets- Set of 5

Stackable Indian Bangle Bracelets- Set of 5


Price: $29.00


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In India, bangle bracelets are often more than just fashion. They can signify a woman’s marital status, religion, or home village. On her wedding day, a bride’s friends and family may help her try to fit the smallest possible glass bangle on her wrist for good luck. This set of five bangles is handmade of small chips of plastic inlaid on brass. Made in Sarai Tareen in northern India, where more than half of the residents are craftspeople known for their jewelry made of horn, shell, wood, and metal.

Made in India. Set of five stackable bracelets. 1/8"W x 2 3/4" diameter.