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San Juan de Oriente Vase

San Juan de Oriente Vase

$119.00 Sale Price:   $48.99

Price: $119.00 Sale Price:   $48.99


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The Nicaraguan village of San Juan de Oriente is less than ten square blocks, and more than 80 percent of the families who live there are involved in making and selling pottery. Archaeological records suggest that local families once offered clay vessels full of food and drink to the spirit of the Masaya volcano three millennia ago. Because of this pottery tradition, the village was known as San Juan de los Platos—Saint John of the Platters—during the Spanish Conquest.

Potters throw the clay, using a kick wheel to build up the balloon-like shape. Then, they paint the vessel with mineral oxides and use tools fashioned out of bicycle spokes to carve designs in a style known as sgraffito, from the Italian word for "to scratch." The pots are baked in a wood-burning, beehive-shaped kiln, and finally they're polished to a high sheen. Please allow for slight variations as each piece is individually handcrafted.

For decorative use only.

For decorative use only. Handmade in Nicaragua. Approximately 6" diameter x 7"H.