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Home & Garden:Home Décor:Home Accents:Indian Bangle Mosaic Jewelry Box
Indian Bangle Mosaic Jewelry Box

Indian Bangle Mosaic Jewelry Box

$59.00 Sale Price:   $27.99

Price: $59.00 Sale Price:   $27.99

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Bangles are a quick and easy way for women to add a little sparkle to their wardrobe, but in India they’re more than just pretty accessories. In many Indian communities, women’s bangles are symbols of her marital status. Brides decorate their arms with dozens of bangles on their wedding day and never take them off.

Our handcrafted jewelry box represents an ingenious rethinking of these meaningful and plentiful accents. Curved pieces of glass bangles are stacked and tiled into a colorful mosaic, creating a true treasure chest. Two nested compartments, including one for rings, lift out to reveal a roomy space for safekeeping.

Handmade in India. Glass, felt, and chipboard. 6 1/4"W x 3 1/8"H x 4 3/8"D.