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Home & Garden:Seasonal Décor:German Christmas Smoker
German Christmas Smoker

German Christmas Smoker


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Incense has been part of traditional Christian celebrations for centuries. The twelfth day of Christmas is the festival of Epiphany, on January 6, which celebrates the day that the Magi visited the infant Jesus and presented their gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh. German Christians often mark the occasion, and the end of the Christmas season, by burning incense in “smokers” or Räuchermänner.

These smokers are similar to traditional nutcrackers, and originated in the late 1600s in Erzgebirge, Germany. This region of the Ore Mountains, part of the natural border between Bohemia and Saxony, had a thriving mining industry, but when that declined in the 17th century and again in the 19th century, crafts like bobbin lace and handmade wooden toys became the region’s specialty.

Our charming woodsman has just returned from collecting a Christmas tree and firewood, and carries his walking stick and handsaw. He comes with pine-scented incense, the smoke from which puffs out of his mouth just as if he were smoking his pipe. Whether used to add a wintery scent to the air, as a Christmas decoration, or as a year-round display of traditional Erzgebirge craftsmanship, this diminutive Räuchermänn brings a little piece of Germany into your home.

Please note: Do not leave unattended with incense burning.

Handcrafted in Olbernhau, in Germany’s Erzgebirge region. Approximately 7"H. Includes 24 pine-scented incense cones.