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Home & Garden:Seasonal Décor:Felted Wool Songbird Ornaments - Set of 3

Felted Wool Songbird Ornaments - Set of 3

$36.00 Sale Price:   $24.99

Price: $36.00 Sale Price:   $24.99

Item# :2003021

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Cheerful and bright, this felted trio brings a welcome burst of warmth and color to any room. Women in rural Kathmandu use this traditional skill and local materials to handcraft colorful ornaments inspired by some of North America’s most beloved songbirds.

The northern cardinal is a frequent backyard visitor throughout most of eastern North America, recognizable by the male’s vibrant red feathers and crested head. The eastern bluebird has a similar range. Often gathering in flocks of more than 100, it’s the state bird of both Missouri and New York. The American goldfinch is seen throughout almost all of the United States and Canada at some point in the year. It breeds in southernmost Canada; lives year-round in the northeast, plains, and Pacific northwest; and winters in the south from Arizona to Florida.

Made in Nepal. 100% wool. Each bird is 5" beak to tail x 2"H x 1 1/2"W.