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Home & Garden:Collectibles:Signed Apollo 16 Photograph

Signed Apollo 16 Photograph


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Charles Moss Duke Jr., a retired USAF Brigadier General, was a United States astronaut and engineer for NASA. Duke served as a member of the support crew for Apollo 10, as Backup Lunar Module Pilot for Apollo 13 and 17, and as capcom for Apollo 11 where his distinctive southern drawl became familiar to TV viewers around the world.

In 1972, Duke served as Lunar Module Pilot for Apollo 16, which was the tenth manned mission in the Apollo program and the fifth to land on the moon, making Duke the tenth person to walk on the surface of the moon. The mission was launched on April 16, 1972, and concluded on April 27. Apollo 16 was the first scientific expedition to inspect, survey, and sample materials and surface features in the Descartes region of the rugged lunar highlands. it was a J-class mission, featuring a Lunar Rover, and astronauts brought back 94.7kg of lunar samples. It included three lunar EVA—extra-vehicular activity of 7.2 hours, 7.4 hours, 5.7 hours, and one trans-Earth EVA of 1.4 hours.

Duke commenced the record-setting surface stay of 71 hours and 14 minutes by maneuvering the lunar module Orion to a landing on the rough Cayley Planes. Duke filmed the only pictures ever made of the rover in action— its record-setting speed was 17km per hour. Apollo 16 returned to a hero's welcome with Duke and fellow crew members Young and Mattingly each receiving a NASA Distinguished Service Medal. This photograph is signed by Astronaut Charles Duke and includes a certificate of authenticity.

8" x 10" photograph; 13" x 16" x 1" marupa wood frame. Assembled in New York.