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Home & Garden:Historic Collectibles:Bronze Reproduction Roman Soldier Armor
Bronze Reproduction Roman Soldier Armor

Bronze Reproduction Roman Soldier Armor


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Bring a piece of Roman military history into your home or office with this handmade replica of a 2nd-century soldier's armor. In their Tuscan metal-smithing studio, the Brasini family casts a miniature version of the type of armor that would have been worn by a legionnaire or centurion.

The torso armor is called lorica segmentata and was more protective but more expensive than chain mail. The soldier's dagger, or pugio hangs from his belt. Historians believe that the dangling straps, called baltea, at the front of the belt were a status symbol, although exactly what they represented is unknown. The shield would have been made from thin layers of wood covered in canvas or leather. The side to side plumes on this helmet may have indicated that the wearer was a centurion, rather than a legionnaire, whose plumes would have gone front to back.

Drawn from examples in several Italian museums—just as real armor would have been pieced together over a soldier's career—this cast-bronze replica is a perfect gift for a military or history buff. Handcrafted in Rome using the ancient lost-wax casting method.

Handcrafted in Rome, Italy. Bronze with Plexiglas stand. With base: 9"H x 3 1/2"W. Base is 3 1/2" x 3 1/2". 1 lb.