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Home & Garden:Collectibles:Bronze Reproduction Roman Oil Lamp

Bronze Reproduction Roman Oil Lamp

$125.00 Sale Price:   $49.99

Price: $125.00 Sale Price:   $49.99

Item# :2002645

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Rome's ancient history is a constant source of inspiration at the family-run workshop where our bronze lamp is crafted. Working from sketches of artifacts, the designers sculpt a wax model in precise detail. The model is encased in clay, and then the clay is baked, the wax melts, leaving a perfect mold. They pour molten bronze into the mold to create a perfect replica, which they finish with a verdigris patina.

Based on elements of similar lamps found in museums in Naples, Aquileia, and Bologna, it represents a style that would have been found in seaside villas in the 1st through 3rd centuries B.C. The bowl depicts a winged victory figure. The sea serpent handle pays homage to Neptune, the Roman god of the sea. For decorative use only.

Handcrafted in Rome, Italy. Bronze. Approximately 4"H x 6"W x 3 1/4"D; 1 lb.