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Great Migrations:Great Migrations Video Game

Great Migrations Video Game

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Based on the highly anticipated National Geographic Channel miniseries, Great Migrations focuses on some of the most spectacular migrations of animal species across the globe. The game provides a fun, interactive way to learn more about these animal migrations.

  • Tower defense style game play: In these popular, casual games, you have a stretch of terrain to defend as you face an onslaught of enemy units that scurry across the screen to try to get to your side.
  • Players help animals safely travel their migration paths and assist animals in avoiding predators. The object is to help as many animals as possible, to their destinations.
  • Play through various migration stages of the game as you help animals navigate challenging migration paths.
  • Once enough animals arrive safely, players can advance to the next stage, ultimately helping the animals complete their entire migration routes.

Platform:Downloadable PC/Mac OS and Flash: Windows XP with SP2; Vista; distribution on various portals