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Jewelry:Jewelry Sets:Connemara Marble Irish Fairy Tree Jewelry

Connemara Marble Irish Fairy Tree Jewelry

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Price: $99.98

Connemara Marble Irish Fairy Tree Pendant

Connemara Marble Irish Fairy Tree Earrings

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Ireland's "forty shades of green" are reflected in Connemara marble, a rich green stone found only in western Ireland and dating back more than 900 million years to the Precambrian era. In this handcrafted jewelry, deep green Connemara marble peeks out from behind a sterling silver hawthorn tree… widely known as the preferred home of the fairy folk.

Fairies are an important part of Irish lore, and even those who are skeptical about the existence of "the wee folk" will err on the side of not disturbing them. Centuries of fables have warned about the misfortune that befalls anyone foolhardy enough to disturb the home of these bad-tempered creatures. Farmers will plow a wide circle around a solitary tree, and in 1999 a major highway in County Clare was rerouted to avoid disturbing a hawthorn tree after local storytellers stirred up local superstitions.

Whatever the truth of the fairies and the hawthorn tree, these iconic accents bring a connection to both the land and the lore of the Emerald Isle and make a perfect gift for just about anyone.

  • Handcrafted in Rathfarnham Village, Dublin, using Connemara marble hand-quarried from the Walsh family's quarry in Recess, County Galway.
  • Earrings: Approximately 1/2"L x 5/16"W.
  • Necklace: Approximately 3/4"L x 1/2"W, 18" chain with spring-ring clasp.