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Gear & Gadgets:Outdoor Gear:National Geographic Snorkeling Set

National Geographic Snorkeling Set

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This is the perfect set for beginning snorkelers or those with any level of experience who are looking for high quality in a packable, travel-ready set. These are no swimming-pool-only components—the quality is equal or greater to what you'll find at dive shops.

Mask: Hypoallergenic, 100% silicone. Features tempered lenses for distortion-free clarity. Lightweight frame with a pliable and non-feathered nosepiece for ease of draining and feathered edge seal on the mask skirt. The strap is flexible and replaceable with a three-point hold and ratchet quick lock.

Snorkel: Comfortable orthodontic designed mouthpiece reduced jaw fatigue. The snorkel tab is easy to mount and secure. The breathing tube has a wide bore for optimal air displacement and exchange and a splash guard keeps the snorkel dry under normal conditions.

Fins: Soft and comfortable foot pockets have an adjustable open heel and can be worn with or without additional foot protection. The ratchet quick lock system and replaceable fin straps customize the fit. The blades are made from composite materials that snap and flex to create the ideal thrust-to-energy exertion ratio.

Sizes S/M (men's shoe size 5-9; women's shoe size 6-10), M/L (men's shoe size 7-11; women's shoe size 8-12).