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Gear & Gadgets:Outdoor Gear:Bike Mount

Bike Mount

$24.99 Sale Price:   $16.99

Price: $24.99 Sale Price:   $16.99

Item# :2000354

Qty: This item is out of stock

This bike mount has been designed to allow the Satmap Active 10 Trek GPS device to be fitted to bikes for every sport, from mountain biking to cycle touring. It is comprised of two parts: the bike mount itself and a T-section battery back for the Active 10 that has the bike mount fitting moulded directly onto it. The Active 10 can be fitted onto the mount without the need for a cumbersome cradle.

Includes full instructions on how to attach the mount to the handlebars, the stem, or the crossbar. Comes with T-section battery back, bike bracket, allen (hex) wrench, and black rubber covers.

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