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DVDs:Science and Space:Supernatural, Volumes I & II: 4 DVD Set
Supernatural, Volumes I & II: 4 DVD Set


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Supernatural, Volumes I & II: 4 DVD Set


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There are those who believe in what is often dubbed the ''paranormal'' and those who believe in only that which can be proved with science. This special collection uncovers, with both believers and skeptics, the truth and tales of Stigmata, UFOs, Crop Circles and Ghosts and other phenomena, leaving you with the ultimate question Is it Real?

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See title list for more information about each episode.

  • 2 discs; 2 episodes each; approximately 188 minutes total
  • © 2006
  • 3 Standard, 1 Widescreen
  • Bonus Features


Numerous people believe they have spotted glowing alien spacecraft hovering over Earth—some even claim to have been abducted by them. Scientists and astronomers dissect video footage and anecdotal evidence as we consider the case for the existence of flying saucers and UFOs. Launch into a wide-ranging exploration of these unearthly events as true believers present their extraordinary tales—and skeptical scientists offer some down-to-earth explanations.

Crop Circles

In recent years, complex and seemingly inexplicable patterns have frequently appeared in the wheat fields and meadows of the English countryside. But are crop circles really cryptic messages from alien life forms, or just a rural post-pub practical joke? Head into the field as we consider the conflicting evidence in an attempt to answer the ultimate question: Is It Real?


Countless people claim to have seen ghosts—but have they genuinely glimpsed the supernatural, or are they just merely suffering from over-active imaginations? Scientists and paranormal detectives investigate the haunting world of phantom images, disembodied voices, and things that go bump in the night. Join real-life ghostbusters and real-world skeptics as they journey from infamous haunted houses to legendary castles hunting the spooky truth behind paranormal phenomena!


Could the wounds Jesus Christ received on his forehead, side, hands and feet during his last hours appear unintentionally (and miraculously) in a select few among us? The marks are called stigmata—the divine malady. Over the course of the 20th century, claimed cases of stigmata have been remarkably on the rise. Are these claims real or frauds? NGC investigates by securing testimonies from stigmatics, believers, investigators and scientists so that you can determine the ultimate question: Is It Real?